Oregano pesto with fresh peas and roasted zucchini pasta

Oregano is growing in huge bunches in the garden, so I decided to see whether it would make a good pesto. I went for simplicity and combined oregano, almonds, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and was pleased with the result–herby, slightly lemony, and delicious over warm pasta or drizzled over crostini topped with burrata or tofu.

The pasta also included much of the haul from McGrath and Hutchins farm stands: green onions, fresh peas in pods, and zucchini. The trick for fresh peas is not to overcook them. I put the peas in a colander and poured the pasta and pasta water over them, which softened them while retaining their grassy, fresh flavor and toothsome texture.

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Asparagus walnut pasta

I had asparagus on the brain after making Smitten Kitchen’s shaved asparagus pizza and having a lovely salad of local lettuces and shaved asparagus at AKA Bistro. I made the pizza one drizzly night a couple weeks back for some very enthusiastic friends who agreed that the thin crust, scant sprinkle of mozzarella and parmesan, and grassy asparagus topped with scallions was a winning combination.

So what else could I do with shaved asparagus?

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